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2022 Junior League of Fort Smith Spring Market Application

ACHE Research Institute, 1000 Fianna Way, Fort Smith, AR 72916

December 3rd Pop Up Market 10am-6pm

December 4th VIP Brunch with Private Shopping 10am-12pm & Pop Up Market 12pm-4pm

General Details

Booth Details

Each booth only includes: One 8’ table, two chairs, and two garment looks in the fashion show. Booth size is 10’ by 10’ and priced at $200.

Booth Personnel

Each vendor working during the event will be required to wear a name tag. All personnel must be regular employees or members of the business owner’s immediate family. Two employees may work each booth purchased, free of charge. Additional employees may work the booth(s) at a fee of $20 each. Business owner counts as one of the 2 complimentary employees.

Included Booth Personnel

Additional Booth Personnel ($20 Each)

Merchandise Information

Please check all of the following categories that apply to the merchandise you will have in your booth at JLFS Spring Market.

Auction Information

There will be an online silent auction that takes place the week of JLFS Holiday Market. Please select below if you would like to participate by donating an item. We also ask for a graphic of the item you wish to donate. These items must be delivered upon check-in, Friday, December 2, 2022.

If you opted to participate in the silent auction, please provide an item description and value of donation below.

JLFS Holiday Market Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Vendors assigned to a booth are expected to operate said booth with adequate staff and inventory for the entire duration of the Spring Market event. Vendor agrees to: (1) set up on Saturday, December 3, 2022, by 9:30 a.m. CST, (2) have the booth operating on Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4, 2022, and (3) remove all merchandise on Sunday, December 4 between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. CST after the event. Setup will become available starting at  3 pm on Friday, December 2, 2022.

2. Vendors will use the booth rented solely for the purpose of displaying merchandise for sale at the Spring Market. The JLFS reserves the right to reject any undesirable material or merchandise.

3. Booths and badges may not be transferred, sold, leased, shared, or sublet in whole or part without the written permission of the JLFS.

4. Due to Fort Smith fire codes, promotional display, and sale of merchandise must be confined to the vendor’s booth area only. Vendors in violation are subject to being fined for any and all items extending outside of the booth’s dimensions.

5. Vendor shall not play any music or recordings and shall not use microphones to make sounds or noises.

6. Vendors are independent and separate entities from the JLFS. Vendors agree to collect any sales tax for their sales and comply with all the requirements of the Arkansas State Department of Revenue, the City of Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas, and all other laws and regulations governing vendor’s activities.

7. The JLFS makes no warranties with respect to vendor merchandise and will not take responsibility with respect to the collection of unpaid accounts, returned checks, or the return of merchandise.

8. The JLFS may cancel and terminate this contract at any time upon written notice to the vendor.

9. If the booth is empty at the opening of Holiday Market, the JLFS may permit others to occupy that booth with no recourse for the vendor who has not occupied the booth.

10. Companies are warned that the presence of security personnel or security systems does not constitute a guarantee against loss, a policy of insurance, or a promise to indemnify in the event of a loss. Vendors are expected to insure themselves against any and all losses that they might sustain.

11. The JLFS is not responsible for advising or otherwise assisting vendors with respect to any tax or other legal matters or requirements.

I hereby release the Junior League of Fort Smith (JLFS) and JLFS’s officers, members, committees, agents, and employees in their official and/or individual personal capacities (1) from any liability for loss, damage, or destruction (through negligence, gross negligence, or otherwise) of vendor from property AND (2) for personal loss and property damage of any kind. The foregoing shall not, however, limit the liability of any individual who is acting as an individual when engaged in criminal or tortious conduct, such as theft, willful damage, or destruction. The undersigned, in submitting this application, hereby agrees to comply with all of the provisions of the JLFS Spring Market Contract Terms & Conditions.

Payment Information

Full payment must accompany this application to qualify for the 2022 JLFS Holiday Market.
You have two options to send payment:
1) Checks payable to Junior League of Fort Smith
2) Online payment below with application or on the website at (fees apply)

Cancellation Policy

Should a cancellation occur after October 15, 2022, 50% of the booth fee will be retained.

Cancellation after November 15, 2022 will forfeit the entire fee.

Total Charges

Please make checks payable to:
Junior League of Fort Smith

Mail or Drop off the check to:
Junior League of Fort Smith Headquarters
311 Garrison Avenue
Fort Smith, R 72901

Thanks for submitting! The application will not be final until payment has been received. Our Holiday Market Committee will be in touch with further details!

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