JLFS Headquarters & Local Landmark

Marble Hall, the oldest building on Garrison Avenue, was built in 1859 by Ethelbert Britton Bright. Judging from the surviving newspaper ads, his mercantile store held the very wonders of the world, steadily supplied by steamboats docking at the foot of Garrison. The son of a missionary to the Osage tribe, Bright became fluent in their language. He came to Ft Smith in 1853 and set forth in business at a lightning pace. By 1857 he ran The Old Red Mill on Tenth Street, had married the niece of Sand Waite, and built a mansion on Sixth Street. Marble Hall was used as a hospital during the Civil War. By 1862, Bright had enlisted in the 51st Arkansas Militia Regiment. Bright returned from the war and launched back into business, but his obituary notes that he met with reverses and lived quietly until his death in 1890. Marble Hall has housed many businesses including a shooting gallery in 1900. Marble Hall was restored by Phil White in 1977.

Today, Marble Hall serves as Headquarters for the Junior League of Fort Smith. 

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Rent Marble Hall

**COVID-19 Update**

We are currently accepting rentals on a limited basis. Please contact our Office Manager, Desiree Lewis, with any inquiries. She can be reached at or 479-783-3930.

Marble Hall was beautifully renovated in recent years and provides a versatile space for just about any need.

Baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, office holiday parties, group meetings, family reunions, and much more would be perfect at Marble Hall! 

For attorneys looking for a bigger space to hold depositions, our board room would be ideal to accommodate many people in one space.  The board room is located downstairs and can be closed off from the main lobby.  The main lobby also has comfortable seating for any witnesses waiting to testify.  

Upstairs, we have several round and rectangle tables with chairs perfect for a classroom setting. There is also a kitchen upstairs with a large dining table. We allow you to bring your own food and alcohol pursuant to the terms and conditions detailed in the contract.

If you are needing a space for a meeting, we have a SmartBoard available for use in the upstairs meeting room.  

If you're interested in booking Marble Hall for your event, please contact us regarding availability. We can also arrange for a tour if you want to see the facility in person.

Rental Documents

Download the latest PDF versions of our Rental Fees, Rental Agreement, and Facility Rules

Rental Agreement

Rental Fees

Rental Rules

COVID-19 Addendum


As the oldest building still standing on Garrison Avenue, Marble Hall is rich with historical charm. Of course, maintaining our historic building can be quite costly.

Want to donate directly to our building fund?

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